At the beginning of my art career, I was painting landscapes on the East Coast of Massachusetts and Maine. Gray-green skies dominated the landscapes. After moving to southern California, the landscape painting continued, showing the changes in atmosphere. Now using digital and film photography, I’m continuing to document the landscape and atmosphere here in Southern California and during my travels in Europe.

Close to Home:

Often the best images can be found in one’s own backyard. Lake Murray is only a few blocks away from my home/studio. Early morning at the lake is the best time to capture its uniqueness, especially when Nature participates by creating a veil of foggy mist. Then, that “other worldliness” becomes a part of the image.

Dawn at Lake Murray

Dawn at Lake Murray


White Mountains and the Ancient Bristlecone Pines:

Above 11,000 feet the Bristlecone pines stand as centennials of time, witnesses to climate change, are subject to harsh elements. They continue to thrive where other plant life cannot. A testament to tenacity, these aged giants weather the extreme elements, continuing to grow infinitesimal every year. Many of the trees barely hang on to the shifting slopes of the Sierra Nevada, White Mountains area. In a surreal view, the Bristlecone pines in the Patriarch Grove appear to be cloud level, their branches holding up the sky.

Bristlecone Pine1*_3501 Bristlecone Pines4*_3497 Uprooted Bristlecone Pine*_3478

Stops along the Way:  The Alabama Hills

The geology of the Alabama Hills, rounded rock formations, is in contrast to the sharp peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the background. The area has been made famous by the film/TV industry for use in old western movies and futuristic films. Standing like centennials the boulders witness the passing of time…. and a few stagecoaches.

Whitney Portal waterfalls look so cool and refreshing on a hot summer day, one is temped to step into the icy cold waters. Water spray is just enough to do the job.

AlabamaHillsBoulders_3289 WhitneyPortalFalls*_3376 Meditation on a Rock2*_3308