Alternative Photography

Burnt Vista Alternative Photographic Print

Burnt Vista

Alternative Photography:  What is it?

Alternative photography is now used as the term to describe other forms of photography other than digital.  This includes all analog film processes, such as Black and White or Color made from black and white negatives, color negatives and color positive films.  Not too long ago these analog processes existed almost exclusively from digital.  Now they are considered an “alternative” to digital photography.  “Burnt Vista” above, created shortly after the 2003 fire in Mission Trails Park, is a three color gum print with Platinum/Palladium.  “Two Roads Diverged” is also a combination process of gum print and Liquid Light, a photo emulsion.  “Up the Fire Road” is also a combination of printing processes, i.e. three color gum and Platinum/Palladium, whereas “Fire Victim” is a Liquid Light print.  So many variables can be used in creating new images, it’s almost limitless.  Each process is chosen based on the content.  As an example, the “Fire Victim” print using Liquid Light, displays some bubbly texture that is evocative of how paint on wood bubbles up when in a fire.

Two Roads Divered Gum Print

Two Roads Diverged…

Fire Victim, 2003

Fire Victim, Mission Trails Park, 2003

Fire Road

Up the Fire Road